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The following are only a few examples of outcomes experienced by the clients of Bufogle & Associates, P.C. in the past decades of the firm's practice. These entries account for a fraction of the results, but show a broad view of the resolutions. Mr. Bufogle has practiced in this arena for more than 30 years, in addition to his claims management experience, and looks back with great satisfaction at accomplishments for his clients in literally thousands of cases, trials and claims. The most recent Striker Rejuvenate case settlements and trials are now commencing. Those results will be posted in future updates.



  • Stryker Rejuvenate/ABSIII product liability settlement - $300,000 resolution for a revised, defective hip implant to a 40 year old surgical nurse.
    US District Court, Minnesota District

  • Motor Vehicle Product Liability - $525,000 in pre-trial resolution for the family of a deceased 21 year old passenger, due to a defective passenger restraint system, against a major motor vehicle manufacturer.
    US District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma

  • Motor Vehicle Uninsured Motorist Claim and Bad Faith Claim - pre-trial resolution of a total claim of $200,000 against major insurer of automobiles, involving severe impact, head and body injuries to 49 year old American Airlines maintenance department supervisor/employee.
    Tulsa County District Court, Oklahoma




  • Trucking Injury Dispute - $4.9 million in pre-trial resolution for deceased trucker's estate
    US District Court, Western District of Oklahoma

  • Highway Construction Worker - $1.0 million in pre-trial resolution for inured worker
    MacIntosh County District Court, Oklahoma

  • Settlement of Motor Vehicle caused Fibromyalgia Injury - $300,000 resolution after commencement of trial
    Pittsburgh County District Court, Oklahoma


  • Under-insured Motor vehicle policy - $375,000 resolution for rollover accident killing 21 year old student, with subsequent claim for products liability against auto manufacturer pending 
    Tulsa County District Court, Oklahoma

  • Death Claim of Bereaved Husband - Pre-trial resolution of all policy limits of $450,000 due to spouse's sudden death in his presence while trapped in damaged vehicle due to intersection collision
    Creek County District Court, Oklahoma

  • Arbitration Construction Claim Trial - Represented contractor to $140,000 verdict; Defended contractor from tort counter claim in arbitration proceedings; seven day trial
    Arbitration, Tulsa County, Oklahoma




  • $200,000 pre-suit resolution of claim for motor vehicle caused back injury resulting in $23,000 chiropractic treatment service bill.
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Product Liability claim settlement, against drug manufacturer and clinical trials center for improper administration of protocols and negligent monitoring of test drugs to advanced aged alzheimer patient causing severe pancreatic disease. Resolution involved cash compensation and set aside for complete future care and attention, valued over $1,000,000, Tulsa, Oklahoma





  • Motor Vehicle Collision Jury Verdict - 4 days trial to a verdict of $27,500 in a negligence contested, intersection collision involving soft tissue back injuries to plaintiff client, during the week of the 9/11/11's World Trade Center disaster. Subsequent attorney fees award by District Judge.
    Tulsa County District Court, Oklahoma




  • Tempromandibular Joint Injury, due to Motor Vehicle Collision - $145,000 resolution of client's “light impact” collision caused TMJ condition; case included bad faith claims against client's underinsured motorist insurance carrier.
    Tulsa County District Court, Oklahoma




  • Trucking-Spinal Cord Injury Dispute - $12.6 Million pre-trial resolution of complete spinal cord injury claim
    US District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma



  • Bad Faith - $200,000 pre-trial resolution; automobile soft tissue injury;  26 year old female passenger with $24,000 in collision related soft tissue injury medical expenses claimed $25,000 limits for her underinsured motorist coverage, was denied. Bufogle & Associates advocated for her in claims of unfair practices by her major insurance carrier.
    Creek County District Court, Oklahoma

  • Bad Faith - $145,000 pre-trial resolution; automobile low back disc injury to 48 year old male, with $18,000 medical bills who unable to obtain a reasonable offer from his underinsured motorist carrier. Bufogle & Associates advocated for him in claims of unfair practices.




  • Automobile Injury and Insurance Resolution - $4.9 Million resolution; husband, wife and daughter all severely injured by escaping criminal on highway; trial resolution for coverage limit of $3,500,000 and Bad Faith claim pre-trial resolution of $1.4 Million




  • Product Liability - $1.12 Million jury verdict in case involving pyrotechnic material (indoor fireworks) caused asphyxiation during rodeo event involving  death of 39 year old attendee.
    Tulsa County District Court, Oklahoma




  • Structured Settlement - $1.8 Million resolution; Bad Faith health insurance claim; wrongful denial of cancer treatment;
    US District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma




  • Grocery Store Slip and Fall Jury Verdict - $46,000 resolution; 50 year old patron falls in entryway and is injured despite warning markers displayed
    Tulsa County District Court, Oklahoma




  • Automobile Accident Jury Verdict - $145,000 resolution; Fibromyalgia injury and psychological disorders arising out of motor vehicle collision involving 39 year old professional client
    US District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma